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Selling Your Business

At Valentines Business Brokers we understand the complexities involved with selling your business. Our agents combine 74 years of knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible outcome with a firm focus on maximising value. Our experts are equipped with the tools to increase market value, source buyers, provide concise advice and maintain confidentiality in order to provide a seamless service. When you choose to partner with us on the sale of your business you can expect the following fundamental services and more.

Free business appraisals

Valentines Business Brokers has operated in Melbourne for over 74 years where we have been involved in the sale of almost every small to medium sized businesses in the region. This experience allows us to streamline many of the general processes involved with business appraisals as we hold the records and market information of the majority of businesses on the market. Our expert brokers can provide you with market information and historical financial performance in the initial consult. Following the initial consult we will provide you with a comprehensive business appraisal.

Tailored marketing solutions

One of the key strengths of our organisation is the diverse background of our agents. We utilise this to leverage out of the box marketing channels which in turn provide more opportunities to our clients. Unlike other agencies Valentines prides itself in the reputation and partnerships we have built within multicultural communities across Melbourne. Our tailored marketing programs ensure confidentiality whilst providing your asset with maximum exposure on all the major industry channels, through our tailored database of buyers and also across our multicultural partner’s channels.

We qualify buyers to save you time

Valentines are renowned across the industry for the long term partnerships we build with our clients. Our team regularly conduct interviews with potential buyers to identify financial capabilities and ambitions when buying. This allows us to find the perfect match for business owners looking to sell as we can maximise value for both parties by utilising industry knowledge and experience to marry buyers and sellers seamlessly. We are in the business of building partnerships and through this we have found ways to rapidly reduce the length of the sometimes stressful selling process.

Support and guidance throughout the sale process

Unlike many of our competitors Valentines have spent time formulating a process that ensures our clients receive exceptional value from our service. We have found that the best way to maximise value is to provide support whilst also ensuring our agents act as advisory figures throughout the process. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of the negotiation process, avoiding expensive mistakes or advising you on methodologies to secure the best deal in your sale, you can rest assured that our agents are on your side and will do anything in our power to increase the value of your transaction.

Maximise the value of your business sale

When you partner with Valentines for the sale of your business you will be assigned one of Melbourne’s best business brokers with the experience and knowledge to get you the highest value possible. We pride ourselves in going over and above for our clients to ensure a long term relationship that ends with success and returned business.

Visit our resource center to find useful documents and information on beginning the business sales process. If you want further information on how Valentines can maximise the value of the sale of your business? Contact us for an obligation free discussion. All enquiries are treated with the upmost confidentiality and professionalism.


At Valentines Business Brokers we combine knowledge and experience to partner with our clients for a truly best in class service. Our friendly team of certified agents will provide guidance and support through the entire process.